Succession and Retirement Planning

To make the transition to the next owner as smooth as possible, and to get the maximum return for yourself, you need to start planning now.

Our focus is to make the often very complex decision making regarding succession planning and looking ahead to your retirement simpler. We will assist with reviewing both your long term plans and your business’ longer term strategy to ensure your plans for succession can be enacted to meet their aims.

Early succession planning can help to ensure that:

  • Your business survives the change in ownership/management and continues as a profitable entity
  • You will identify and address family or shareholder issues before they become disagreements and a threat to the business’ continuity
  • You can minimise tax liabilities and maximise the return for your family
  • There will be an orderly transfer of control and competencies
  • Your business and its future leadership will be ready for the transition

The earlier you start your planning, the more exit options that will be available to you. You can, for instance, identify a successor and begin developing their skills to take over when you’re ready to leave. Your successor may need to arrange additional financial resources, or develop their experience in a certain area before being ready to take over your business, and it could be a matter of years before they acquire these.

If you decide to sell your business as part of your exit plan, our specialist team can help you optimise the proceeds that you receive from the sale of your business.

We orchestrate the whole sales process so that you can focus on running your business whilst we identify and assess purchasers. Where competing offers are received, we can guide you on the relative merits of each, and so maximise the cash you receive.

Your plans may well change over time and as your family’s circumstances change. It is important that your plans for succession and retirement are also adapted to reflect these changes, whilst remaining the most tax efficient and with the best return for you in the longer term. We are accustomed to working with multi-generational families to ensure their individual needs are addressed as they arise and longer term strategy is revised for changing circumstances.


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