Juliet Edwards

I have always had a strength for mathematics, which led me to studying Mechanical Engineering at University of Birmingham. I ultimately decided that I wanted to take a different path as it didn’t feel like a good fit for me, but I knew that I wanted to move into something that still utilised my maths knowledge. I was therefore thankful for the opportunity to work for CBSL Accountants, as the role was exactly what I was looking for, and it was important to me to find a work environment and atmosphere that was positive and welcoming. I joined CBSL in June 2022, I am now enjoying studying towards my AAT qualifications and expanding my accountancy knowledge with the support of the team at CBSL.

Outside of work I love spending my free time being artistic. I particularly enjoy sketching observational drawings from life or reference images and oil painting. (Something I never had time to do when I was studying at university.)

I also enjoy drawing on what I learnt while I was at university by following the developments in Formula 1, I find the strategy and technological developments of the different teams interesting.

Music is also very important to me. I enjoy an eclectic mix of music genres, but I particularly love listening to music with great lyricism and production. I enjoy having the opportunity of travelling down to London for concerts when something particularly interests me.