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Adrian's Blog

Published: 26 Spetember 2022

The budget that wasn’t: neither a budget apparently – and definitely not mini.

Shocks have been felt in the markets, with Sterling hitting its lowest rate against the Dollar since the introduction of decimalisation. Indeed, the rate has fallen 8% since Liz Truss became the PM: I am no expert, but that does not seem to be a good thing.

18 years ago today, my son Ollie was just one month old. It was a Tuesday, and after doing some work I put him in his baby carrier and went for a walk.
Ollie’s little sister Saffron hadn't been born.
On Monday of this week, 18 years later, I spent a day on Snowdon via Pyg and Miners with my now adult son and away from our now adult business.

Published: 23 March 2022


I normally record a brief video commentary after all budget statements, but it has been a very busy day with clients, the make-up team have gone home for the day, and I really don’t want to put you off your Frosties in the morning.

Construction Industry

I have been doing quite a lot of work with clients in the construction industry sector in 2022, and whilst anecdotally I had understood that costs have been increasing materially, I hadnt fully appreciated some of the percentage increases.