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We are based on the outskirts of Shrewsbury with easy access from the M54 – and South & North Shropshire – on Shrewsbury Business Park. We exist to support our clients - local, national and international - in establishing, running and growing their businesses. Our comprehensive range of services go far beyond those expected from a firm of Chartered Accountants, Business and Tax Advisors because of our core values which are pervasive through everything we do.

Our clients trust us to look after their needs, their family interests and their businesses.

We believe that we are a very different professional firm. Our website illustrates some of the people that work with us, and what they are passionate about. Our team are experienced and qualified individuals, all of whom are bought into our firm’s values. We care about our staff and our clients.

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Adrian's Blog

21st November 2022

On Friday I wrote to inform a few of the changes that came out of last week’s budget. But I said therein that the devil is in the detail (in what is unsaid as well as said), and in the interplay of different taxes.

22nd November 2022

I thought I would write this morning about choosing professional advisors. Accountants are traditionally amongst the most trusted professional advisors, and that gives me much comfort as I am a director of CBSL Accountants.

Published: 18th November 2022

Jeremy Hunt delivered his budget yesterday – I give reference to Jeremy, so that you might know which of this year’s budgets I am talking about.

Revisiting my previous blogs, I looked back at this one on drivers of business value, which was first published a few years ago. Most of the following, I have kept the same, but with interest rates increasing by 75 basis points to 3% on 3 November 2022 I though it worth updating.