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Spring Budget 2024 - update

I wrote yesterday that A budget statement should be a delicate thing. A slight pressure on the tiller It should be relatively neutral, and that is what has played out.

That said there was very little scope for anything else.

Spring Budget 2024

Published: 5 March 2024

A budget statement should be a delicate thing. A light pressure on the tiller. A delicate movement of the steering wheel. It should be relatively neutral.

Selling a company in 2023: Should I sell my business now or later?

Should I sell my business now or later? I was asked this very question last week: “Should I sell this year or wait?” Having spent some time thinking about it and answering them, I thought I would expand upon and share my thoughts in this blog.

How was it for you: The Budget 2023

Published: 15 March 2023

Good evening,

Legal Futures: Annual report on listed legal practices

Published: 17 January 2023

Legal Futures published their annual commentary on listed legal practices, on 9 January, and it isn’t pretty reading – at least not if you are investor in the companies.

The 39-Steps

Published: 16 January 2023

Interest Rates

Published: 14 January 2023

Last week I wrote about interest rates: you probably missed it as it was within an article on Private Equity; at the start of which I encouraged you to read no further if PE was not your thing.

A purchase and investment opportunity

Published 11 January 2023

CBSL Accountants is mandated to sell the trade and assets of this successful & profitable company, located in the West Midlands. It is long-established and undertakes truck repairs, MOT and service.

This is an excellent opportunity for an existing company in the same sector, or as a bolt-on to a fleet operator.