Adrian Barker

Managing Director

I am one of a fortunate few who is lucky enough to love my job, and I love coming into the office every day. That hasn’t always been the case: setting up a successful professional firm is not easy. But we are now fortunate to have a great team of people with fantastic skills. The result is that I am passionate about cbsl accountants, having founded the firm over 15 years ago. I care about the people that work for us, and the clients that we look after.

One of my prime responsibilities is to take leadership for our values. I care passionately about my two children, Oliver and Saffron and so I understand the needs of our staff and our clients, when it comes to caring for their families. This means that we work in an extremely family orientated firm. Our staff appreciate this, but also in turn respect their responsibilities back to our firm. Why not call in some time, and see the art produced by our children that hangs on our walls, so that we have a reminder of what is important during our working day. We specialise in succession planning and believe that our family values stand us apart from other professionals in providing that advice. We don't think we could do that as well as we do without our family centric approach.

I believe in simplicity: we live in a noisy and complex world and think that we should do our best to translate complex aspects of business and taxation into language that our clients understand. Essentially a core part of my role, is as an interpreter.

I also believe that if something is on one of our client’s minds now then I should be available to discuss it when they need to. That can present a challenge - what if a client wakes up early concerned about something? Well basically, if I can, I will speak to you at any time that you need me to. I know that our clients accept that this is not always possible and respect my time as well as they do their own. All accountants should have the ability to advise you: my role is to add affability and availability to that expectation. I want you to be able to speak to me when you need to, and I want you to enjoy that interaction.

Those of you have visited my profile before will know that my profile pic’, used to be me with my Felt time-trialling bike. I am a cyclist no more and have switched to running. It is harder on the joints but I’m enjoying it and regularly run half-marathon distance in training.

I made the change as a result of too many potholes and angry motorists. But if truth be told I had become a nervous cyclist. In Tenerife a couple of years ago I was descending Mt Teide when the cyclist in front ran out of talent, (and tarmac for that matter) and went straight on at the hairpin. Fortunately for him his fall was broken; less fortunately so, broken by a cactus. A shame too to have left some of his suntan on the mountain road.

I have never really believed in work life: home life balance… I have one life and am lucky enough to mix the two. When I'm not working for clients or for our firm, and I am spending time doing just what I like, then I enjoy French wine, food, and exercise; the exercise compensates for my love of the other two! If I am not getting exercise through running I go to the gym and train every day

My favourite meal is one shared with my children, Ollie and Saffie. I love dinner with them on holiday sitting outside as the sun sets but it still feels warm. I love dinner in France eating food that is simple but local, home-cooked, and authentic. Essentially, I love time with my two children and the opportunity to relax appreciating food, wine and their company.

That said, being home in the kitchen, cooking dinner (cooking is another of my passions), a glass of wine, leaning against the Aga is also hard to beat. Putting a plate of good food in front of people is a particular pleasure.