Starting a Business

We work closely with you throughout every stage of your business. We provide a listening ear when you need advice, no matter how small. We will help to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible as you begin your new business venture.

Whilst there is no legal requirement for you to have an accountant unless your company exceeds the audit exemption limits, the advice that your accountant can give you when starting your own business is invaluable.

Your first consideration will need to be which is the best structure to begin your business – for example as a sole trade, partnership or company. We will review your financial affairs and your goals to ensure the most tax efficient and appropriate business structure is established.

We can ensure that you operate within the relevant laws and regulations, whilst supporting you with your business ideas and preparing your tax returns amongst many other things.

We can register you for VAT and PAYE with HMRC. We can keep your accounting records up to date, issue invoices, process your payroll, prepare management accounts and forecasts for the coming years.

We will provide you with the financial certainty you need to enable you to focus on making your new business a success.


If you think we can be of help to you or your organisation please send us an email or call us on 01743 249 992