Based in Shropshire in the centre of the UK, we provide a range of services to International clients covering a wide range of locations, for example from Vietnam to the US via Norway and Italy. (See our blog dated 10th April 2018: Chosing a country to trade in).

We can look after all of the needs of UK subsidiaries of overseas groups and companies that have international aspects to their business.

We can act as your single point of contact in the UK.

We help you to set up and trade in the UK by advising on the most appropriate structure, as to whether to have a branch of your existing International group, or a new limited company.

We can incorporate a new company for you and deal with the filings required such as helping with the appointment of Company Directors and issuing share capital. We are also able to act as your UK Registered Office, thus ensuring that all official documents for your UK business are dealt with effectively and efficiently.

As Chartered Accountants, integrity, trust and high quality expert services are a pre-requisite. Our services include the following:

Auditing and Statutory Obligations

We have significant experience of working with group auditors and will ensure that your group reporting deadlines are met, whilst providing cost effective audit assurance. Our experience stretches to UK subsidiaries of stock exchange listed groups, and our clients have group interests throughout Europe, The Americas, Asia, and Africa.

With our Company Secretarial support, you can be sure that you are meeting your UK Legal responsibilities. This is an area that can be overlooked, but unless the correct forms, resolutions and minutes are in place, penalties can arise. Support can include: Preparation of minutes and resolutions; Shareholder restructuring; International Group structures; Forming new UK companies.

Corporation Tax

Hopefully your UK Company has made healthy profits, and so naturally there will be some taxes to pay, but you will want to make sure that you pay the fair amount. We help you to do this by working proactively with you throughout the year so that we can help you plan income, overhead and capital expenditure.

We are International Tax Advisors and we work closely with you to ensure that you pay the legal minimum required on your UK transactions and ensuring any losses are maintained for relief within the group or preserved for future periods. We can assist with issues such as transfer pricing and thin capitalisation. We help you to understand the UK tax consequences of your UK activity, so that you can conduct your UK affairs in a tax efficient manner.

Management Accounts

Our management accounting services to international businesses fulfil two goals; We tell you exactly how your UK business is performing, and we give you the assurance that someone independent is keeping a watching eye over your UK operations. We will prepare management accounts to meet your monthly or quarterly group timetable.

Our clients typically save 25% of the cost of having an in-house accounts department, but lose none of the control. We can report in any format and any currency, using whatever accounting software you require us to, as we are experienced in using a wide range of software and cloud packages as well as bespoke systems.

We provide a comprehensive and confidential payroll service for UK subsidiaries of International groups as well as completion of VAT returns, EU sales declarations and Intrastat returns.

Sales and Acquisitions

Many International groups setting up or acquiring in the UK will invest directly, but sometimes it makes sense to raise additional finance in the UK. We can help you to: Prepare business plans and forecasts; Conduct feasibility studies; Source suitable finance options – getting a bank overdraft, long-term commercial loans and mortgages and venture or equity capital; and present your proposals to finance sources.

If finance is in place, then finding the right business is critical; We can help you identify suitable businesses and then negotiate the best price for them; We will show you the most appropriate structures for acquisition to bring the company into your international group. We will also ensure that appropriate due diligence is undertaken so that the business you acquire is what you expect it to be.