Sandra Lowers

Prior to studying accounting and finance I was warned that it is one of the most boring professions with ‘dull and grey’ descriptive springing to mind. After all, no-one says ‘when I grow up I want to be a tax accountant’! Previous vocations were in science with the emphasis on an analytical approach, so there was some intrepidation on embarking on such a career change.

Studying for a degree as I did later in life teaches you to emphasise on the art that accounting is, to work through problems and think outside the box. Yes, accounting is working with numbers but it is more about working with people. My days are full of meetings and phone calls and the joy of tax accounting comes from advising people and improving their lives financially. A major part of my job involves building good working relationships with a range of clients – from the small trader, partners, and directors to retirees and the recently bereaved. Working in tax is dynamic and fast-paced. Every time a law changes or a new budget is published we at CBSL Accountants need to expand our knowledge and adapt our strategies. This provides me with variety and continuous challenges which has now extended to the probate process. The technical side of my job is probably the most interesting, using skills to research particular points of tax law and effective communication to make a case to HM Revenue & Customs.

Filing a tax return isn’t exactly fun for many people as it can be too overwhelming to handle by yourself.  Tax can be confusing and miserable for the client. I work alongside you in making sure your online tax return is completed accurately and submitted promptly.

I love my job. I like helping people. I like that the rules are not all cut and dry as situations do not often fit into boxes. My job is more than what I do or make, it is all about the entire effort of a great ambitious and friendly team that goes into each step of the process. Without passion I would not be able to work long hours to meet deadlines, skip meals and get up the next day and happily do it all again!

I have been able to develop enthusiasm and passion through caring both at work and outside the office. I have another role as a care support worker to someone who has severe multiple disabilities. Whilst my own sporting interests have long waned I support my six grandchildren in their extra- curricular activities to regional and national levels. My interests lie within the realms of gardening, country and coastal walks, and crafting/home decoration so I am well used to juggling!