About Us

CBSL Accountants: for you and your business

You will find our approach and values different to other professional firms. Our focus is on getting to know you, your family interests and your businesses. We care about you, and we will add value to your business.

We build close, long-term relationships with our clients – to become your trusted adviser who you can always turn to for practical advice and solutions. Our team are recruited for their experience and their belief in our firm’s values.

Our firm’s core values are pervasive through everything we do:

  • We are family centric: Our Managing Director cares passionately about his immediate family and so understands the needs of our staff and our clients. That understanding is something that our clients tell us mark us apart from other firms who focus purely on business needs.
  • Ability: All accountants are expected to have the ability to provide the services you need. We have that ability, but also affability and availability. We want you to enjoy working with us, and we want you to have access to that advice when you need it. We are there when you need us, and easy to speak to.
  • Simplicity: We live in an increasingly complex world. You expect that any advisor can give you a technical opinion, but our skill is in making the technical, simple and easily understandable. It takes time to explain things simply. But our clients prefer it, so that is what we do, without watching the clock.
  • Professional but informal: Linked to our drive to be affable as well as able, we prefer to be informal. If your style is formal then that is not a problem: Whatever you prefer, we will always be professional.

We offer a comprehensive range of services: far wider than those of a typical professional firm, which include accounting, audit, tax and others you’d expect, as well as a variety you might not, to ensure we can support you, your family and your business, from starting out, finding the best structure and financing, through focusing on profit improvement and the changes as your business grows, to considering succession and retirement planning.

Our specialist international team look after the needs of UK subsidiaries of overseas groups, based worldwide, and companies that have an international aspect to the business to help you set up and trade in the UK. We find that our international clients need a similar level of support to our client families when they are establishing their business in the UK and running them from a different country with often little local administrative support.

We believe that we are a very different professional firm focused on our core values. Our website introduces some of the people that work with us, and what they are passionate about.

Please call us on 01743 249992 to arrange a FREE meeting to see how we can work with you and your business.