Profit and Business Performance Improvement

By combining all of our expertise, we can give you a detailed plan of how to maximise your business profit and improve performance across the board.

Typically, accountants advise on cutting costs and have a strong focus on tax. But if all you had to do was cut costs you would have done it already: So, valid activities, but if you are serious about profit improvement and want to make real transformation in your profitability then you need to do more. The true focus for profit improvement need to be on strategy and operations.

Strategy is about where the company is headed, how it is going to get there, its culture and its structure both in terms of management and ownership.

Operations is about all of the functional areas of the business including sales, marketing, people, systems, finance and the products and services that you sell.

Our approach to profit improvement is firstly to audit your current strategic & operational position. We define the profit improvement plan, by understanding where you are now, understanding what your profit requirements are and then substantiating and assessing how those requirements can be delivered.

Secondly, we develop the strategic and operational plans. We design steps to be taken to get you from where you are now to where you need to be across 10 key areas. We do that over a three-year horizon, and once we have agreed the three-year profit improvement plan with you, we break that down to give you a detailed plan for the first year.

Implementation: This is where ‘we’ put the rubber on the road to deliver profit improvement. Why ‘we’? That is because some clients choose to go it alone (the plans that we help you to develop are extremely robust). Others prefer our ongoing profit improvement support with either monthly or quarterly intervention.

Why seek external support for profit improvement?

You will be able to make improvement in profit yourself, but to make truly transformative gains in profit we think external support is vital. Independent, critical analysis can help you challenge your goals and your operations. We can, for example, help you understand the skills of your current team to deliver, and propose how to cost effectively supplement skills in key areas if required.

We help you to develop plans that are realistic and deliverable: ones that your team can buy into to achieve profit improvement. As one of our clients said ”Managing Director Adrian Barker has acted outside his accountancy role to provide our business with real corporate expertise, including strategic and operational planning. It has been so valuable to have someone who is an independent pair of eyes looking at what we do, who has really got to know our business and is prepared to ask challenging questions too – then look for an answer with us. Challenging questions come from really understanding how a business ticks.”

And finally, whilst the profit improvement plans are detailed and robust so that you are able to implement yourself, external support at the implementation stage can help you to keep you on track and implement as planned. Further, however detailed the plan, changes happen, such as staff changes, dynamics in your industry, or even the time you have available to implement. Therefore, our ongoing support develops corrective actions for you to keep you on track.

Your investment in our support

All profit improvement support fees are agreed with you in advance, so you know your investment before proceeding. Your incremental profit arising from our support in year one should be significantly in excess of your investment in our support. Profits in each of years two and 3 will be a multiple of your total investment


If you think we can be of help to you or your organisation please send us an email or call us on 01743 249 992