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Charlotte Hall

Accountancy has influenced my life from a very early age. As my mum went in to labour with me, my dad was unsurprisingly in a client meeting. Due to the fact I was their second child they were unfazed by this, and decided dad would wrap up his meeting before heading to the hospital. I have no doubt that it was this incident so early in my young life which led me to pursue accounting today.

I left sixth form in 2014 and unsure what I wanted to do I decided to try volunteering in a primary school for the following year. When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a teacher, so I would make all my friends pretend to be my students. My parents suggested that maybe I just liked bossing people around, but clearly they don’t know me at all, right?

After realising that perhaps teaching wasn’t for me, and with the majority of my friends headed off to university, I moved to Edinburgh to live with my boyfriend who is studying there. I got the first job I could find in a shop and much to the surprise of my friends and family, I managed to support myself away from home. After a while however, I started to grasp that working in a shop was not what I wanted to do forever as every night I would come home feeling drained and unappreciated. I wanted a career where I was able to use my brain and feel like I had made an achievement at the end of my working day!

Around this time, I came home for a visit and talked to my dad (otherwise known as Steve the director). He told me that he, Louise and Adrian were aiming to be an exceptional employer in terms of the individual care they showed their team, which was exactly the kind of environment I was looking for.

In January 2017, I started working a CBSL on a trial basis, to see if accountancy was something I felt like I could see myself doing as a career, and if Adrian and Louise thought they could put up with me for five days every week! Everyone in the office was welcoming, kind, and they never got annoyed with me for the amount of questions I asked (and am still asking!). I can’t lie and say I’m excited to jump out of bed every morning (I will never be that type of person) but knowing where I’m going and what I get to do each day always makes me smile.