We are recruiting

Published: 12 November 2021

CBSL Accountants has grown significantly during 2021 and so we are looking to grow our team. Indeed, we have grown such that we would like to recruit 5 new people to join our professional team.

One of our key values is availability (see below) and so we want to make sure that we have plenty of spare capacity so that we can continue to care for our clients in the same way that we always have.

We are looking to recruit at all levels: ideally people that are already in practice, but not necessarily so. We know that some candidates will have more experience than others and that some will be qualified, part qualified or just starting out in their careers.

But at CBSL Accountants that is not a problem. We are not looking to pigeon-hole people into roles, be they tax, accounts, audit or advisory. We can shape things around you.

We’d love to hear from people who care. People who want to work in a great team. People who want to look after their colleagues and our clients. We care about who you are not what you are, and we will help you develop the career you would love to have.

We want to meet people that are passionate. Our firm’s core values are pervasive through everything we do, and are really important to us:

  1. We are family centric: Adrian, our Managing Director cares passionately about his immediate family and so understands the needs of our staff and our clients. That understanding is something that our clients tell us mark us apart from other firms who focus purely on business needs. Louise is brilliant in making the day to day happen, and has usually done it before Adrian mentions!
  2. Ability: All accountants are expected to have the ability to provide the services you need. We have that ability, but also affability and availability. We want you to enjoy working with us, and we want clients to have access to that advice when you need it. We are there when you need us, and easy to speak to.
  3. Simplicity: We live in an increasingly complex world. You expect that any advisor can give you a technical opinion, but our skill is in making the technical, simple and easily understandable. It takes time to explain things simply. But our clients prefer it, so that is what we do, without watching the clock.
  4. Professional but informal: Linked to our drive to be affable as well as able, we prefer to be informal. If your style is formal then that is not a problem: Whatever you prefer, we will always be professional.

COVID has changed how most professional firms work, but we have tried to make sure that clients and staff have had as little change as possible. Mark’s son for example had a desk in their loft that Mark could use to work… but when you’re 6’4” and a half, (although when you are already 6’4” you don’t need mention the half – we get it Mark - you’re tall), a loft is not a happy place to be.

We had to think how we could work better, so we put everything in place we could.

Imagine being a student accountant during COVID, without an infrastructure around you to give you the vital on the job training and experience? We couldn’t let that happen, and we didn’t. But we hear of junior members of staff working in offices that are missing large numbers of their pre-COVID team members.

We have some amazing people: people that we know you would enjoy working with and can give you client experience that frankly just isnt available in many places. We are lucky enough to look after fantastic and interesting clients.

Louise and I are so proud of how our team have looked after our clients and cared for each other. If we sound like the sort of firm that you would like to work for, please do get in touch: don’t worry about a CV… as I say, we care about who you are not what you have done.