Scafell Pike

A wonderful day of climbing with Lisa at the weekend. We went to the Lake District to achieve one of Lisa's goals for the year: to climb Scafell Pike. (my first mountain).

The route should have been 7-8 hours... but I was in charge of the map - not through choice. On the face of it I was the logical choice to be in charge of the map with a geography degree. I was initially quite proud of myself knowledgeable pointing out tarns, and arrettes. At this point I should probably mention that the geography degree was more of a gentleman's degree (2ii) and in human rather than physical geography.

We therefore headed broadly SW instead of heading NW. We went over Wrynose Pass, before reaching Cockley Beck at the foot of Hard Knot Pass. The map was then, justifiably, confiscated from me! In total we walked for almost 11 hours.

The total route we walked for 34.4km. Scafell Pike is 978m high, but we managed to climb 1,595m. Really proud of Lisa for getting us back on track, and, after the bad start I had given us, for getting us to the top and back home.

The final challenge is Ben Nevis: "Step away from the map Adrian!!!"