Are you looking for a career in accountancy with a people orientated firm?

Published: 26 January 2022

We have a Trainee Chartered Accountant training programme that puts you as its focus. Within the boundaries of the ICAEW structure we are not prescriptive and are always supportive of how you study for the professional exams.

Exams are just one part though. We will also help you learn the skills needed to advise and care for clients, and colleagues. You will get plenty of client exposure, and we will not pigeon-hole you into a departmental structure.

We do all that by making sure that you have the best study support from your choice of training provider, and a team of people who have been where you are and are ready to help. No hierarchical structure for us – just a team of people who care about our clients and each other.

As your career develops (both before and after qualification) we can give you a range of experience including Business Advisory, International and Corporate Finance.

Join us

We are looking for graduates, part qualified and qualified accountants.

You will be one of a team in our 2022 intake – we have grown significantly during the pandemic, as a result of our reputation for being a firm that really cares about its clients, and the range of support that we offer outside of the basics of accounts and tax returns.

A successful trainee accountant is one that has a balance to life… maybe like Rosie, who graduated with a Finance and Accounting degree, from the University of Liverpool. Rosie Brookfield | CBSL Accountants (

In return, we would like you to be hard working, thoughtful & considerate. One of our key values is that we offer our clients AbilityAffability and Availability. All accountants are expected to have the ability to provide the services that clients need. We have that ability, but also affability and availability. We want them to enjoy working with us, and we want them to have access to that advice when they need it.

Do we sound like what you are looking for?

Great, then we would love to hear from you, ideally by you sending your CV to It will be read by a director not a faceless HR department. After shortlisting we will invite to first interview via Teams or Zoom: that is on the basis that if you are at Uni, you may have finals coming up, or if already working you may have family and work commitments that make it difficult - but always happy to meet of you prefer.

We have a limited number of spaces and so hope to hear from you soon

Adrian Barker

Managing Director at CBSL Accountants