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Caroline Monro

Tax Associate

After graduation, I decided to try accountancy for a period whilst exploring what career to follow. More years later than I care to own up to, I am still working within the accountancy profession and loving it.  

After a basic grounding in general accountancy, I moved to a national firm in Birmingham to develop a specialism in tax. This has proved much more interesting than I imagined and I hope I will shatter any negative impressions of what a tax adviser does. The real job satisfaction is to work with clients to understand their wider family, lifestyle and financial objectives, and work towards finding tax efficient ways of achieving these.  

The best part for me is that this is done through building up a relationship and discerning real needs and desires before any retreat to dusty shelves or computers to look up data or answers. 

I have also been involved with the management of a family business so have an understanding of some of the associated challenges.

Much of my life has been spent in Shropshire and I see myself as rooted in and attached to this lovely area.

I am delighted to come to work for CBSL. I appreciate very much the shared values and approach. It seems a natural career progression. I am also looking forward to being involved with will writing as it dovetails nicely with my interest and experience in trusts and capital tax planning.

I have three children each on the threshold of finding their careers post-graduation. My older daughter is working on the "other side of the fence" training to be a fraud investigations officer for HMRC. My son recently returned from a "gap year" travelling in Asia. His twin sister is training to be a doctor. 

I enjoy tennis and have a Labrador who gives me lots of exercise. I love music and play flute in a local orchestra and in my church music group: I continue to take lessons when my teacher is in town. And I love playing piano duets with a number of friends.