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Brian Poole

I have been employed in accountancy all my working life. I joined a small firm in Wellington straight from school, far too many years ago for me to mention. From there I joined a national firm that was based in Telford. When they relocated their office in Telford to one in Birmingham in 2012  I decided that I really didn't want to face that daily commute and I moved to CBSL.

The change in culture was like a breath of fresh air. I moved from a climate where keeping within budgets and early billing were the driving forces to one that was based upon putting the needs of the client first and providing the client with the highest possible level of service were paramount. As a result I have enjoyed these last five years immensely.

I am now nearing the end of my career & I feel very privileged & lucky that I have spent most of those years on the audit side of the business. This work has necessitated my visiting numerous clients premises, giving me the chance to meet and work with a very diverse range of (on the whole) very pleasant and interesting people.

I am now beginning the process of reducing my working hours and this is giving me more time to do those things that I enjoy most. I have already spent two weeks on holiday in the beautiful sunshine of Tenerife with my wife Patricia. We have a further fortnight planned for July, this time in Zante & then hopefully a couple more weeks abroad later in the year.

When I was younger I was an avid reader of crime and science fiction. With today's hectic lifestyle I now rarely find the time to actually read a whole book. I am hoping that with more free time I will now make the time to read and in readiness for this I have joined the local library. This has pleased Patricia as she is happy with anything that will stop me getting under her feet.

I also enjoy having a drink at our local pubs or having a nice restaurant meal with Patricia and our friends. Luckily Wellington, where I live, still has a number of traditional pubs where people can meet up for a quiet chat. As an added bonus several of these pubs have excellent beer gardens. Wellington also has a good selection of restaurants whether English, Chinese or Indian. I like them all.

could result in a few weight problems but fortunately I also like long walks in the surrounding countryside and this mitigates, to a certain degree, the effects of the eating and drinking.