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Christmas is almost upon us, which I love as it is probably the only time of the year when I get to completely switch off and have time: time to relax and to be with Sarah, Ollie and Saffron, and to do what we want when we want to.

Emails do seem to come in but far fewer than at the rest of the year. GDPR doesn’t seem to have reduced the number of spam emails, and in the small amount of high-street rather than online Christmas shopping that I have done I do find it annoying that shops are increasingly ‘helpfully’ offering to email my receipt to me ‘to save printing’. Presumably just a happy coincidence that they then have my email address for their marketing purposes.

So much fewer emails, and our office will be closed over then entire festive period, from 5:00pm on 21st December and reopening at 9:00am on 2nd January.

And just 6 more sleeps to go (I have a four-year old – I’m allowed to measure time in sleeps!). We’ve been to the Pantomime, and visited Father Christmas – He seemed much younger this year, but maybe it is me getting older? Still, he seemed a nice chap, and said he would be happy with a chocolate biscuit and a Gin & Tonic rather than a mince pie and sherry – we are none of us fans of mince pies in our house!

An excellent carol service at the Old Hall School and lines well delivered in Saffron’s first school play.

So, with time on my hands what will I do?

Time to cook and maybe bake. A carrot cake as always – never a fruit cake: it’s a dried fruit thing; no mince pies and no Christmas cake. The gym of course and maybe a run. Presents to open and lots of playing. A few films: For Sarah and Ollie, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Heroes of Telemark and Where Eagles Dare, and Saffie will be happy with anything with a princess, unicorn or mermaid.  And most definitely, we'll pop a few corks.

Whatever you plan to do, from all us at CBSL Accountants we hope you have wonderful time, have a Merry Christmas, and best wishes for 2019.