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Matthew Jones

Accountants are not boring..... Okay, I may fall into some of the typical stereotypes – I do have a grey suit, I do play golf and I have a strong belief that the right excel document can solve any of life’s problems but I am sure that this does not make me boring.

My interest in accountancy developed completely by chance, whilst choosing ‘A’ levels the only subject that would fit into my timetable along with Biology and Chemistry (I wanted to be a marine biologist at this point) was Accountancy. I realised quite quickly that I enjoyed the subject a lot more than the others.

I then attended the University of Worcester to play rugby as well as studying for a Business, Accountancy and Advertising degree it was here that I realised that my ever increasing injury list was putting the stops on trying to become a professional rugby player but I also was beginning to harbour a strong interest in the accountancy profession. On the completion of my degree I had decided that I was going to pursue a career in accountancy and I started working three months later at a small firm in Malvern. It was here that I really had my first taste of an accountancy practice and started working towards my ACCA qualification. Working in a small practice gave me exposure to accounts, audit and tax but it was the audit work that interested me the most, I enjoy getting out to the clients premises and interacting with the client in their environment. Auditing a client gives you a better understanding of the business and how their company actually works; it was also a benefit to get out of the office from time to time.

After getting married, my wife and I moved to Shropshire to be closer to family so we left Worcester and I started working for a firm in Shrewsbury in a specialised audit department. It was here that I first started to lead audit teams and I was getting involved with larger companies and group consolidations or as we liked to call it ‘the fun stuff’.  It was here that I finally qualified and became a fully fledged member of the ACCA. It was after qualification and the birth of my second child that I decided that the time was right for a new challenge and I joined CBSL in summer 2016. The vision and values of the company was one of the main reasons for choosing CBSL I especially liked the fact that the firm is very family orientated having a young family myself.